Sweet Acne: Update, April 2011

Okay.  Two months without sugar and I haven’t gone into convulsions or clawed at my skin.  Things are good.  No major outbreaks to report.  I did have two hormonal breakouts related to my cycle.  I could feel them, but they weren’t that visibly apparent.  They arrived late in the afternoon, but were gone the next day.  I’ve had some minor annoyances but I believe it was because my water intake dropped off to around two liters versus three for about a week.

What foods did I cut out?  Of course table or raw sugar, anything that would resemble dessert, white foods (bread, pasta, rice and potato), ketchup, soft drinks, fruit drinks and yogurt.  I’m also very careful with sauces, especially tomato based sauce.  I’m reading labels of packaged foods more closely now including the nutritional guide of any restaurant that offers it.

I am still loving Ezekiel bread, yams, sweet potatoes and fruits (not too much though).  I’m eating fresh vegetables, brown rice/pasta cooked with vegetable stock, very little cheese, natural coconut water (great for my training runs), fish, vegetable protein based foods and wheat bread.

Surprisingly, I’m adjusting to not having caffeine in the morning.  I’ve also lost a bit more weight.  As of this writing, I think I’m done with the weight loss as it relates to simply removing sugar and white foods from my diet.  Any additional weight loss will come from increasing my running mileage over the next few months.  I will say I’ve never been this small (without being too broke to eat) in my adult life or even as a teenager.  Size 6 clothes are fitting loose on me, which I never dreamed possible without being deathly ill.

April update published May 8, 2011.

Sweet Acne:  Update, March 2011

Wow.  One month without sugar, a milestone for me.  The last time I went that long without consuming sugar is when I was six-months old…roughly.  I started this post a week ago today, but I couldn’t bring myself to publish it.  Some of that original post included:

“I sincerely wish I had better news to report.  Sadly, I didn’t see the improvement in my skin I had hoped.  I did see longer periods of time between eruptions; a few days at the most, but it didn’t stop.  Perhaps my expectations were too high.”

I didn’t keep a daily or weekly log of skin’s woes, but I remembered having breakouts during the first few weeks of the month.  I thought it was attributable to the two meals I had that contained white rice or the few red potato wedges I ate.  There was the two slices of white-bread pizza too.  Crap!  Did those four meals out of the 31 days in March ruin everything?  As I held off on publishing this post, I realized my skin needed to cycle out of the bad food I ate during the previous month.  I should’ve given myself at least an additional two weeks.

During this past week, I’ve kept up my no sugar or whites rule (no white bread, white rice, white pasta) and upped my water intake to 3 liters and voila!  I’ve been zit free for one week!!!  I was nine years old the last time that happened.

Another great thing occurred. I was able to lose around 7 pounds and a whole dress size.  Most of it is probably water because sugar and simple carbohydrates makes your body retain water.  I could’ve lost a bit more if I was running regularly, but I’ve been nursing a sore hamstring.

Life without sweets got easier as the days progressed.  I now live for sweet potatoes (a must with almost every meal) and cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread, with plenty of fake butter.  The hardest thing is no coffee in the morning.  Oh how I miss coffee.  Maybe one day I’ll appreciate plain black coffee (disgusting).  I’m trying to enjoy plain green tea, but I’m not there yet.  Soooo sleepy.

I’m hoping the last five zit free days hasn’t been a fluke.

Let’s all join hands in prayer…

Originally published April 9, 2011

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