Fyrinnae Matte, Almost Matte

The swatches are over Urban Decay Primer Potion.

1 – Choco-cake Mix Dark cool-toned brown.  Not a shade I use because of the cool-tone. It’s still a pretty brown with slight red sheen.  (Satin finish)
2 – Princess of Darkness Dark raspberry.
3 – Tapir Burgundy with a slight burgundy sheen.
4 – Nevermore Reddish purple with a slight copper sheen.
5 – Orca Blue that leans purple with a slight pale gold sheen. (Satin finish)
6 – Naughty Elves Dark green with a slight pale gold sheen.  (Satin finish)
7 – Newmoon’s Light Dark purple with a slight pink and purple shimmer.  (Satin finish)
8 – Bamboo Revolutions Teal with aqua shimmer.
9 – Sea Otter Mint green with blue-green and pale purple shimmer.

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