Fyrinnae Dualcolors, Part 2

Fyrinnae describes its Dualcolor shadows as shades that have more than one distinctive hue, often a highlight contrast shimmer over a deeper color.  (Not a color-changing shadow.)

The swatches are over Pixy Epoxy.

Italicized comments are Fyrinnae’s descriptions taken from their website, the rest are my own.

1 – Rapunzel Had Extensions Stunning golden peach-pink with a vibrant gleaming pale gold.Prettypink with intense gold shimmer in the jar.  The pink completely disappears on my skin and only the gold comes through.  You see a little bit of the pink on top of Pixy Epoxy, but on a regular primer… no pink.
2 – Daemon’s Tail Reddish purple with gold and purple shimmer.  This shade is a dupe of Mac’s Trax.
3 – Mephisto Deep royal blue with a vibrant metallic red sheen (best over primer not Pixy Epoxy).Pretty blue base with red sheen.
4 – Sugar Skulls Vibrant deep pink (leaning warm) with a glimmering orange (not gold).I would’ve said this is a pretty pink with yellow gold shimmer.  I don’t see the orange, but Fyrinnae knows the formula better than me.  I also don’t see dualcolor quality in this shade.  Still pretty.
5 – The Fancy Lad Bright pink with silver and blue sparkle.
6 – Darling Misfit Deep Magenta-pink with a contrasting aqua highlight.
7 – Herbivore Light purple with a green highlight.One of my favorites.  The swatch is on a flat part of my arm so the green doesn’t shine through as well as it does on the round surface of my eyelid.  On the eye, you can clearly see the green and purple.  This shade will make people think you’re a blending queen.
8 – Meerkat Medium purple with gold shimmer.

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