Fyrinnae Dualcolors, Part 1

Fyrinnae describes its Dualcolor shadows as shades that have more than one distinctive hue, often a highlight contrast shimmer over a deeper color.  (Not a color-changing shadow.)

The swatches are over Pixy Epoxy.

Italicized comments are Fyrinnae’s descriptions taken from their website, the rest are my own.

1 – Catrina Cabaret Deep cool teal with a pink-purple highlight and sparkle.
2 – Wicked Deep, dark purple with turquoise shimmer.
3 – Javan Rhino Vibrant turquoise with lavender-pink highlight.
4 – Digital Faerie Sky blue with green shimmer.
5 – Anemone Sea foam green with pale gold shimmer.
6 – Danse Macabre Bright yellow green with gold highlight that looks very close to chartreuse green.
7 – Dressed To Kill Gilded green with flashes of gold and green sparkle. I also see flashes of blue sparkle.
8 – Aztec Gold Coppery gold over green base. The shade is a rich bright gold over an olive green base.

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