Fyrinnae Arcane Magic, Part 2

Fyrinnae describes its Arcane Magic shadows as specialized colors with a highlight that changes hue depending on how the light hits it.  These shades required tight angles to see the full effect of the color change.  Sorry if some of the pictures look odd.

The swatches are over Pixy Epoxy.

Italicized comments are Fyrinnae’s descriptions taken from their website, the rest are my own.

1 – Faerie Glamour Violet base with aqua shimmer that changes to pink. This shade wins the award for the prettiest and most difficult shade.  You can’t rush this color.  I haven’t tried this color on top of the NARS primer.  The base is a matte purple, so with Pixy Epoxy, the shade is okay.  Over a dark paint pot, the shade turns into a matte purple mess.
2 – Futuristic Glamrock Light sky blue with coordinating hues and turns to an icy pink.
3 – Electric Stardust Bright mint green which changes from aqua to pale silvery blue.
4 – Dragonmagic Deep charcoal with shimmer that changes from icy blue to pale green to almost gold. Love this shade.  I often wear it with Electric Stardust because the shades and color shifts are in the same family.  I don’t see any of the colors that Fyrinnae uses to describe this shade.  I see an almost emerald green with teal shimmer that shifts from blue to a lovely purple.  Amazing.
5 – Madam & Eve’s “Perhaps our most striking shade yet.”  Away from the light, the shade appears to be vivid sparkling teal.  Moved closer to the light, the shade turns to violet then gleaming magenta.
6 – Dark Fantasy Intense grass green shimmer on a charcoal base, which changes to a golden peach to deep orange-coral.“  Golden peach to deep orange-coral?”  I don’t see that.  The color shift is very dramatic though.  I see a beautiful jewel green with light green shimmer that changes to a reddish brown with silvery blue sparkle.
7 – Archmage Dark gray blue with silver, pink and green sparkle.  The shade changes to pretty medium pink.  Unfortunately, this shade has been discontinued.

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