Fyrinnae Arcane Magic, Part 1

Fyrinnae describes its Arcane Magic shadows as specialized colors with a highlight that changes hue depending on how the light hits it.

The swatches are over Pixy Epoxy.

Italicized comments are Fyrinnae’s descriptions taken from their website, the rest are my own.

1 – Greenman’s Forest Sparkly medium golden-brown that takes on a light golden-teal cast and changes to light burgundy to bronze. The primary color is a light brown with green sparkle and turns to a pinky brown that reminds me of rose gold.  One of my go-to, ‘in a wicked rush’ shades.  I’ll slap on a neutral crease and put this all on the lid.  Simple and pretty.
2 – Conjuror Soft burgundy brick with shimmer that changes from aqua to bright crimson.
3 – Feline Familiar’s Shimmery rich “chocolate” shade with a subtle hue change from burgundy (with flashes of turquoise and orange shimmer) to light bronze. Medium brown base with copper and green sparkle that changes to burgundy with red sparkle.  I don’t see the change to bronze.
4 – Velvet Vampire Deep reddish hue that varies between molten cool crimson and a fiery phoenix-red with gold sparkle, which changes to gold with subtle “under hues” of copper. Reddish brown base with bright pink-red and gold sparkle.  The shade changes to a brighter red when brought closer to the light.  At a certain angles, the shade changes to gold, though I’ve never seen the gold shade on my eye.
5 – Avian Shapeshifter Ruddy rose-copper to gold.Peachy-brown with pink shimmer that changes to golden-peach with green shimmer.
6 – Pyromantic Erotica Bright orange with an obvious chartreuse highlight.  Brought closer to the light, the shadow changes to a brighter orange. A favorite shade of mine.  Pretty orange shade with gold and barely there green highlight.  The ‘obvious chartreuse highlight’ was is not obvious to me.  At certain angles if I squint, I see the green.  The shade changes to a darker, reddish orange.
7 – Warrior-Mage Gleaming, sparkly silver with a greenish highlight that changes to pink and soft gold, enhanced by glowing blue sparkle.

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