An Aspirin A Day….

I’ve suffered from acne for decades.  For a long while I gave up on trying to ‘cure’ or fight it.  Zits were part of my life like air, water and wine (kidding…kind of.  J).  Many products went through the revolving door of my routine.  I’ve tried Noxzema and Clearasil in my youth; Purpose soap and Neutrogena in my early to mid twenties; Proactiv in my late twenties to early thirties and many, many other things in between.

When I found out about this home remedy, I ran out of the house (bra-less… sorry TMI) to the nearest drug store to pick up everything I needed.  What made this ‘miracle’ product different from the other ‘miracle’ products I’ve tried in decades past was that it made sense, chemically.  After a few days of use (yes, days) my skin felt so much softer and was less oily, which is a complete and utter miracle.  It slowed down the recurrence of my acne.  It is also a very good spot treatment.


Acetylsalicylic acid better known as Aspirin is a salicylate drug.

– Salicylic Acid is a type of phenolic acid and a beta hydroxy acid (BHA).  It is probably best known for its use in anti-acne treatments.

Salicylic Acid can be used as an anti-inflammatory drug.

Salicylic Acid is a comedolytic agent by causing the cells of the skins outer layers (epidermis) to shed more readily, opening clogged pores and neutralizing bacteria within, preventing pores from clogging up again by constricting the pore size and allowing room for new cell growth.

Salicylic Acid is also chemically similar (but not identical) to the active component of Aspirin.

(I’ll pause here for you to do the happy dance.)

Facts According to Me:

– Aspirin is a cheap source of salicylic acid or BHA.

– Using aspirin as a source of BHA, you can control the amount or strength that suits your skin sensitivity.

BHA will chemically exfoliate your skin by helping it shed more effectively, keeping the pores from becoming clogged; thereby, trapping oil and bacteria and causing more zits.

Aspirin can be used to help reduce the redness and swelling from acne.

How do you get the aspirin on your face?  You can make your own toner by dissolving cheap aspirin pills (not capsules, non color coated pills) in a squeeze bottle using warm water or witch hazel.  (TIP: Cold or room temperature water will take longer for the aspirin to dissolve).  You can also make an aspirin mask as well if using a daily toner isn’t good for your skin.  Here is a cute video I found on YouTube.

The aspirin will not completely dissolve.  The residue from the pill will remain in the bottle.  You can strain your mixture by using a cheap coffee filter.  (For you coffee drinkers out there, consider making a larger mixture to save your filters).  I don’t mind the residue because I use it to help remove dead skin.  The residue will settle to the bottom and won’t get on your cotton swab or pad.  The residue will easily rub off your skin when it has dried.

Many toners on the market that contain salicylic acid also have other chemicals that weaken the effectiveness of the BHA or comes with ingredients that cause other problems for your skin.  That is why there isn’t one acne treatment on the market that is effective for everyone.  We’re all different.  Making your own BHA toner allows you to control the ingredients that benefit your skin.

I don’t know what took so long for me to find out about the phenomenal skin benefits of this product!

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