Would you believe a simple multi-vitamin has been giving me the skin I’ve been wanting for years?  FOR YEARS!!!

Nature’s Way Alive Multi-vitamin (Whole Food Energizer) has been my saving grace.  Among many, many things, it has 15,000IU of Vitamin A per serving (3 pills p/day).  Vitamin A is a key ingredient in most topical acne treatment.  Vitamin A promotes normal keratinization, which is the turnover of skin cells.  It clears acne by helping your skin regenerate faster.  The topical Vitamin A treatments I’ve used only helped to an extent.  If my skin was determined to create a zit the size of Mount Rushmore on my chin, no topical Vitamin A I owned could stop it.  Consuming a natural source of Vitamin A has been the most effective treatment for acne prevention I have ever tried.

This multi-vitamin is made up of natural whole food and superfood sources (except the B’s).  This differs from the multi-vitamins found on your neighborhood drug store shelf, which is synthetic-based.  I’ve been taking these synthetic-based multi-vitamins for years and had been pretty consistent with taking them.  Yet I was getting my butt kicked in my acne battle.  I didn’t consider a vitamin deficiency as the missing element in treating my acne, considering my diet is pretty healthy (pescetarian – vegetarian + fish).  Apparently, something major had been missing and I’ve found it in this natural supplement.  It is making a huge difference in the health of my skin.

Nature’s Way Alive Multi-vitamin supplement contains:

– 29 Vitamins & Minerals
– 24 Fruits & Veggies
– 14 Green Foods
– 18 Amino Acids
– 12 Digestive Enzymes
– 10 Essential Fatty Acids
– 12 Organic Mushrooms

I’m not a chemist or a doctor, but I don’t thinks it’s solely the high concentration of Vitamin A that is making a difference in my skin.  I think this whole food supplement has improved my overall health.  Your skin is the body’s largest organ.  So if your body is healthy, your skin is healthy.


1) Clearer skin!!!  OMG!!!  That is the whole point, right?

2) Overall improved health.  You’ve got to check out the label.  Practically every food item that is in this supplement I’ve seen on Dr. Oz as an “eat this”.  Nature’s Way offers many other multi-vitamins if this particular one doesn’t appeal to you, including those designed per gender or older age groups.


1) Cost.  It sure ain’t cheap!  The first 180 ct bottle I purchased at Whole Foods Market ran me about $35!  My heart stopped for a couple of beats when I saw the price tag, but I bought it anyway considering the huge sums money I’ve spent in topical treatments over the years.  You can find it much cheaper (sometimes half the retail price) on line.

I’ll admit, in the beginning, I was taking less than the recommended dosage to stretch out the bottle.  Why?  Uh…$35!  I still saw some improvement from taking one or two every few days or just when my skin would flare up badly to help heal my acne faster.  I had to admit to myself that I needed to take the 3 p/day to maintain healthy skin and prevent acne from forming.

2) The occasional breakout from hormonal spikes before my monthly cycle is still an issue.  I guess a girl can’t have it all.  It’s frustrating, but  I’m hoping diet tweaks will improve this.

3) Discuss this product with your dermatologist if you’re on a synthetic retinoid regimen.  Too much of Vitamin A will backfire on you.

Eating a cleaner diet consistently and actually consuming the very fruits and vegetables that is contained in this supplement is the obvious answer.  Sometimes life gets in the way and my diet changes with my mood.  This supplement keeps me consistent.

More To Come:

Don’t think you can take a swim in a vat of pore clogging oil, but take this vitamin and remain acne free.  What you put on your skin and in your belly may negate all the positives contained in this supplement.

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