Eyebrow Quick Tips

Eyebrows frame the face.  Get it wrong and brows can make you look menacing, old or surprised at the wrong times.

I am definitely guilty of over tweezing my eyebrows.  Not skinny thin, but too thin for my face.  I never cared about my eyebrows until a dorm-mate in college made a comment about my bushy brows and it was downhill ever since.  I am still in recovery mode from my decade long abuse, but enough about me, here are the tips…

1) The thinness of your brows should coincide with your facial features.  If you have full lips and a large/wide nose, thin brows will make them appear even bigger.

2) A unibrow isn’t attractive, but the farther apart your brows are, the wider your nose will appear.  If you have a wide nose, try lining up the start of your brow with the center of your nostril versus the outside edge.  Adjust from there to avoid the Uni.

3) Don’t stray too far from your natural shape.

4) Arches too high and in the center of the brow will age you.

Hot Links

– Check out ‘Makeup: The Ultimate Guide’ by Rae Morris for great brow tips and pics and much more!

– The eyebrow video from one of my favorite Youtuber, GossMakeupArtist, is extremely helpful.

– This is a great video too from Glitterdollz7 on YouTube.


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