Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Eye Shade Palette

I think the masses agree that Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Envy lipsticks are fabulous. If you don’t think that, go try them again because they are great. Having said that, the newly released Pure Color Envy eye shadow palette should be equally great too, right? Wrong. Save your money. Definitely don’t make my mistake and buy them sight unseen.

The Good

For those that hated the packaging of the current Pure Color palettes (also similar to their blush), you’ll appreciate the new look. The older packaging is very hard to open, which is hugely annoying during a morning rush. The new packaging is similar to the Pure Color Envy lipsticks, dark and sleek with a magnetic closure.  The new palettes are a bit taller, noticeably lighter in weight and will pick up your fingerprint from across the room (technically not a good thing, but moving on).

I didn’t experience any fading throughout the day, but I use a primer. The better shades blend easily, even the matte ones.

The Bad

The pigmentation was inconsistent and I struggled to get a decent swatch with some shades. That is sad to say considering their Pure Color palettes are very nice. Perhaps my expectations were too high. For $50, I prefer to be thoroughly impressed and I’m not.

The label for the Pure Color palettes included the colors of the shades as well as the name of the palette. I found this very convenient because you don’t have to open the palette to get the one you want. The label for the Pure Color Envy palettes do not include this, which is a shame. Why ruin a good thing?

The “What the heck”

You get less product for the same $50 retail price as the current Pure Color palettes. The Pure Color palettes offer 7.6g, which the new Pure Color Envy only offers 7g.  This wouldn’t nearly irritate me as much as it does if the Pure Color Envy palettes performed better.


Fiery Saffron

Fiery Saffron

Fiery Saffron is a more complete palette with a good mix of pearl, satin and matte finishes. The matte shades are fantastic. They have a creamy feel, very pigmented and blend out nicely. I had a hard time getting pigmentation out of the lighter shades. I had to pack on the color to get decent payoff when applying and swatching. The worst performer was the shade in the long pan on the left.

Fiery Saffron

Fiery Saffron


Fierce Safari

Fierce Safari

Fierce Safari needs a matte shade. The darker two shades performed the best. The shade in the long pan wasn’t bad either in terms of pigmentation, but I had to put a good amount of product on the brush. I couldn’t tell the difference between the first (far left) and third shade (upper right) once applied or swatched. The worst performers is the white shade and the shade in the upper right.

Fierce Safari

Fierce Safari

There are a total of ten new palettes. I strongly suggest you go try them out first. Hopefully, you’ll find one you like.


If you’ve been on the hunt for an intensely pigmented blush with fantastic texture, consider Kevyn Aucoin. I’ve had these blushes for several months now and they are quite impressive. This product is not for heavy handed beauties. The texture is buttery soft and it’s incredibly easy to pick up too much product. You’ve been warned, no swirling of your makeup brush. These blend out beautifully. I didn’t experience any fading with the colors I purchased. The shades lasted over ten hours over the powder foundation I wear.

What isn’t so great about this product is the price for the amount of product. It’s priced at $37 for 3.1g (0.11 oz.). I definitely prefer more product at this price point, but considering how little you need to get a full application, I got over it.

The packaging is attractive with a push button opening. It’s a light weight plastic, so it doesn’t feel expensive. What is also convenient is the label includes a description of the color along with the product name. There is no need to remember the name, which is helpful if you have a sizeable blush collection.

Dolline is described as an apricot. It is peachy-pink shade with a matte finish. It reminds me of Nars Gina, but Dolline is brighter and much more pigmented. In fact, Gina is the only blush I’ve hit pan on because I need much more product to get the payoff I need. This is not an issue with Dolline.



Fira may scare some, but I love these deep red-orange shades. It is described as mango and is matte. The texture of Fira isn’t as buttery as the other two, but it doesn’t impact the pigmentation. If you already own Nars Exhibit A, you don’t need this shade. (Since, I’m addicted to all things beauty, this doesn’t apply.) Fira is more orange than Exhibit A and has a softer texture and easier to blend.



Neolita is described as berry. It has minute gold shimmer. The shimmer is more noticeable in the pan than when applied, but it does add a subtle sheen to the cheek.



Despite the price point, this product is worth checking out.

K Aucoin case

L to R: Dolline, Fira, Neolita     Dolline, Fira, Neolita

Fyrinnae Burlesque Collection

Fyrinnae recently release its Burlesque Collection for spring 2014. It contains five new loose eye shadow shades, which includes three new Arcane Magic colors. It’s an interesting collection of shades that screams fall, but if you’re a fan of the blackened-base shades, then you’re in luck. I wish I could say I like this collection, but it is not my favorite. I find the blackened-base shades more difficult to use and typically requires a sticky base to get the true color. Since I’m typically (as in always) pressed for time in the morning, sticky bases are a distant afterthought.

Fyr Burlesque Swatch

1. Gaiety is a bright aqua with pale blue shimmer. This shade looks great as a flash of color under the eye.

2. Bawdy Librarian is a warm tone, medium dark coppery brown loaded with copper shimmer. This is my favorite of the five. It makes a great shade for a brown smoky eye or a quick wash of color for brown skin tones.

3. Devilish Debutant (Arcane) is a dark purple on a black base that is supposed to change to a golden/green. On my brown skin, it simply looks like a dark brown.

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Fashion Fair Beauty Blush

I’ve wanted to try out this brand for a while. While at the counter some time ago, their cheek colors caught my eye. The shades I picked are quite fall looking, but given spring has been quite cold and gloomy, the shades fit perfectly.

Fashion Fair Ginger Berry

Fashion Fair Ginger Berry

Fashion Fair Pearly Paprika

Fashion Fair Pearly Paprika







Ginger Berry is a muted, warm medium berried pink. It has minute gold shimmer that adds a soft glow to the skin.

Pearly Paprika is a muted, medium orange that leans peach. It also has minute gold shimmer but it is more noticeable on the skin when applied than Ginger Berry.

Both blushes are very pigmented, so a light hand is needed. The texture isn’t buttery soft, but isn’t powdery either. Both shades lasted all day on me with no fading. Fashion Fair Beauty Blush comes in a twist off container; contains 3.6g of product and retails for $17.

Fashion Fair swatch

Inglot Blush Palette


I was on the hunt for a terracotta blush when I strolled by the Inglot counter a few months ago.  Not only did I find the terracotta shade, but a few others as well.  Inglot eye shadows are known for great pigmentation and soft matte finishes that can be powdery.  The blushes are no different.  The softness of the finish can catch you off guard if you’re used to hard, compact blushes where you can swirl your brush into the product.  There is absolutely no swirling allowed for Inglot blushes.  If you do, you’ll get crazy clown face.  Tap the very tips of your brush into the blush.  If you’re pale or want to build up the product slowly, diffuse the color onto the back of your hand.  The blush lasts throughout the day with no fading on top of my powder foundation.

Inglot gives you a generous 6g of product for $10; however, that is the pan only.  Unfortunately, they no longer sell blush in its own compact.  Inglot offers various empty palette options (the four pan pictured retails for $16).  To save money, use your own empty palette or DIY palette.

Shade #41 is a terracotta-brown with a matte finish.
Shade #70 is a bright coral-orange with a matte finish.  (It’s more orange in person.)
Shade #63 is a deep berry with a matte finish that is perfect for dark skin tones.
Shade #25 is a warm pinky-brown with a satin finish.

Inglot Blush

Inglot Blush swatch